The Big Data Field in the Metaverse World

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Ever heard of the term Metaverse? In the era of technology like now, we are familiar with this term. Metaverse often gets an understanding in the form of real-world human simulations that are implemented in cyberspace or the internet. Becoming the talk and trend of the future digital world, the Metaverse is enticed to be able to significantly change various sectors in the world. Through the Metaverse, we can work, study, shop, seek entertainment, and interact with other people in ways that were previously impossible to do. .

Then, what is the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science in the Metaverse? In fact, data is an important key in the metaverse. That means not only collecting it, but also understanding, using, and building on knowledge of that data to create a better environment for all users of the metaverse.

Get to know the “World” of the Metaverse

Metaverse is technologyAugmented Reality (AR) which allows individuals to interact with other individuals virtually. In the world of the metaverse, you can create an avatar according to your wishes in 3D animation. Just like you in the real world, this 3D avatar can be used as a representation of users on the internet.

As explained in the opening section, users can perform various activities in virtual form on metaverse. These activities can take the form of working, gathering, holding meetings, playing, attending concerts, shopping online, to buying digital property.

AI and Data Science

AI is certainly a familiar thing in the technological era like now. Some examples of AI that we often encounter in our daily activities are:face recognition, feature chatbots, voice recognition, Siri, M-banking, GPS etc. AI cannot be separated from data science in its application. Data science is a discipline that analyzes and visualizes data using artificial intelligence to make predictions.

The most important thing to remember about AI and data science is their ability to parse huge volumes of data in real-time to provide meaningful insights. In addition, when executed correctly, accurate interpretation drives effective and efficient actions, interactions, responses, and automated processing. It will also cover event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination, helping to integrate and connect different platforms.

Metaverse virtual reality should mirror real reality physically more or less in a better connected way as well as provide a more realistic experience for users. AI is the only tool that can do this, and it is impossible to achieve it on a large scale by human means.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on the Metaverse

The metaverse platform allows us to experience imagination beyond the real world. It is very interesting how technology develops so rapidly. Today, everyone has access to the internet, and they can explore various forms of artificial intelligence. This is possible because of the accumulation of data, analysis and use to create a rich experience user-friendly.

The following are some examples of the application of data science and AI in the metaverse world

  • 3D’s Image
  • Animation
  • Speech in the form of translation, text classification and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Design & Artwork
  • Blockchain
  • Various transactions like Crypto

Metaverse has the potential to promote connections, build relationships, and expand business. To understand these new realities and capitalize on new economic prospects, companies must effectively prepare for the metaverse and ensure that their data science strategy and implementation is straightforward, current, and effective.

Take a peek at these 4 features to increase startup business opportunities

Never heard of the termStartup? In today’s technological era, startup is becoming a very popular business trend. Generally, company startup refers to a form of technology-based service or product.

Then, what is the true meaning of the word startup? A startup is a company that is still in the development phase or a pilot that has not been operating for a long time. Based on technology and innovation, startup experiencing rapid growth, including in Indonesia. There are tens, even hundreds startup which began to operate and we can find in Indonesia.

Even so, not all businesses startup can run optimally and many of them actually experience losses. Not only need financial assistance from investors, businesses startup must also be supported with features that make it easy for users and attract new customers.

A number of startup in Indonesia which is successful beyond numbers unicorn and experienced such good growth marketplace to digital wallets. Learning from some of these startups, it turns out that there are 4 features that can help increase your startup business opportunities, you know! Come on, look at the information that has been summarized through the following explanation.

  • Improve Awareness and Engagement Wear Live Streaming

Many startup businesses are starting to use this feature for their business. The trend of live broadcasts is often in demand by customers, as well as potential customers because of the information provided.

By taking advantage of features Live Streaming, you can promote and offer your business products or services more easily. This could improve awareness and engagement at the same time because of the direct interaction that you build with potential customers.

Make sure when doingLive Streaming, you do research first to find data about time, live components such as properties, to the delivery method that your audience will like later. That way, your business live broadcast can be more lively and on target.

  • Chatbot Help Get Closer to Customers

This feature is no less important and feels obligatory to have in every startup business. Why? Neither you nor your employees may be available 24/7 to respond to customers. For that, the chatbot feature will really help startup businesses!

Chatbot is a feature that utilizes technology Artificial Intelligence (AI). This feature is able to activate conversations with potential buyers, such as product information, questions or complaints, to dynamic feedback.

There are many advantages that your business can get by using this feature, namely improving relationships with customers, reducing customer service costs and of course the availability of chat 27/7.

  • Take Advantage of Ads

Advertising is a form of promotional channel that is often used by business producers. For this reason, this one feature is certainly no stranger to what we see and hear

Advertising features, also known as ad features, can help increase startup business opportunities by providing references to the products or services provided.

If you use the ads feature, you need to spend funds. Therefore, make sure you always provide a promotion budget so that startups stay focused!

  • Discounts and Product Ratings 

Who doesn’t want a discount? It seems, everyone would want a discount on the desired product or service. The discount feature is a significant opportunity to increase startup business opportunities.

When you hear of a promo or discount, potential buyers are definitely more interested in making a purchase. In fact, it can encourage the purchase of products in large quantities. You can also give these promos or discounts to loyal customers to increase their loyalty to your business.

The product assessment feature is also very crucial for startup business growth. Apart from evaluating a product or service by using it, good and bad ratings will be a determining factor for them to make a repurchase of your business.

There are many other features that can help increase your startup business opportunities. Generally, these features take advantage of technology and data science so that it can be applied. For example, features chatbot that leverages AI.